5 Ways to Stop Procrastination

5 Ways To Stop Procrastination

There are lots of things that prevent us being productive in today’s workplace. Some of the things we can control and some we can’t. It is important to focus on the things you can change. Procrastination affects most people at various times. And this is something we can change. Here are 5 Ways to Stop Procrastination.

Procrastination is Stressful

To find the motivation think of the downside to procrastination. What problems can it cause? We might temporarily enjoy not doing the tough task but eventually the following problems can arise: worry, stress, lack of delivery, poor performance, bad feedback, rushed job, low quality. Who needs this stress in today’s workplace?

Why Do We Procrastinate?

If you want to stop procrastinating, first you need to know why you do it. But actually, it can help to first ask the questions:

  1. When do I procrastinate?
  2. What pieces of work cause me to procrastinate?

These answers can help you understand the why. It also helps to identify the pieces of work that don’t cause you to procrastinate – this can help you understand what is causing the problem.

Common Reasons for Procrastination

There is always a reason for our behaviour so let’s look at some common procrastination reasons:

  • Low confidence about own skills to complete a task
  • Lack of training
  • Unclear what’s required
  • Piece of work is too large
  • Don’t have all the information needed
  • Deadline is too far away
  • Not urgent

Tips to Stop Procrastination

Here are some Productivity techniques that can help you get things done when you need to.

  1. Tasks To Get You Going: Have simpler tasks to get you going so that you make progress and feel productive. Then switch to the harder task when you are “on a roll”
  2. Take The First Step: Figure out the first few steps – break down the bigger project or goal into the initial work or phase. Just get started and complete one or two tasks. Once you do this you will feel productive and motivated to keep going
  3. Clarify What Needs to Be Done: Ask for clarity or discuss the work with someone your boss or a colleague
  4. Be Accountable: Tell someone what you are going to do so you feel more pressure to do it
  5. Just Do It: Stop making excuses and just make yourself get on with the task.

Reward Yourself

If it helps you get things done use a reward to motivate yourself. Over time you will find that you don’t need a reward. The feeling of accomplishment will be a big enough reward to in itself. This can keep procrastination at bay.

Be Productive and Manage Your Time

Getting things done is one of the best ways to remove stress from your work life. Stop procrastinating and watch your performance and enjoyment soar.

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