Plan 2021 One Month at a Time

New Year 2021 The New Year is usually a time for setting goals and making resolutions. But this year the mood is quite different. There is a weariness in the air as lots of people around the world are still experiencing pandemic restrictions. Life is far from normal and will be for some months yet. […]

December Productivity Tips

What a busy week leading up to Christmas, trying to get everything done. Here are some December Productivity Tips to help you stay on track. You can click here to access the full December Productivity Tips Infographic to share with colleagues or friends. Prioritise Protect Your Time Reduce Distractions Plan the 1st week of January before you finish […]

Be Productive during Lockdown

It can be hard to stay motivated each November as the days get shorter and darker. This year the world is also coping with the Covid-19 pandemic and in Ireland we have entered our second lockdown. To help people turn November into a productive month, I have developed a Lockdown Planner. This work was inspired […]

Leading People Remotely During Covid-19

Leading People Remotely During Covid-19 We’ve all been taken by surprise by the speed of events due to the corona virus. Most people are working from home and for leaders and managers this means a shift in style and approach. Here are some pointers for leading people remotely during Covid-19. The skills are the same leadership […]

Tips on Working at Home During Covid-19

Tips on Working at Home During Covid-19 For lots of people working at home is a new way of working. Many are struggling to stay focused and get things done. During the early weeks of lockdown many people asked me for productivity tips.  So during the early weeks of the Covid-19 restrictions I ran morning […]

Being Productive During Covid-19

Being Productive During Covid-19 Being productive working from home is not easy in these times of uncertainty. With additional family responsibilities for many the usual tips for Working from Home don’t really apply. If your approach is not working it may be time to try something new. So here are some tips to help you […]