The Benefit of Commuting while Working from Home

One of the perks of working from home is having no commute to deal with every day. We gain extra time each morning and evening.  And there is no traffic stress to deal with. But a daily commute does have a benefit. It helps us separate  our work lives from our personal lives. Read on […]

Learn to Say No

During my first job as a consultant, my client told me that I had the ability to say no while making other people feel good about it. I think it was a compliment! It wasn’t something I planned but when I analysed my approach I realised I was protecting my work time so I could […]

Take Control of Your Inbox

It happens to us all. We have a plan for the day, we arrive in the office, we check our email first and the next thing we know its lunchtime! Sound familiar? Read on to learn tips on how to take control of your Inbox and manage your time. Our intentions are good, “I’ll just […]

Tips to Stay Focused during Lockdown

Some productivity tips to Stay Focused during Lockdown, first published in May 2020 on the website, a great resource for businesses. We are over two months into the Covid-19 lockdown and at times it can be hard to keep the momentum going. Working from home was a very sudden change for many businesses and even now […]

Tips on Working at Home During Covid-19

For lots of people working at home is a new way of working. Many are struggling to stay focused and get things done. During the early weeks of lockdown many people asked me for productivity tips.  So during the early weeks of the Covid-19 restrictions I ran morning webinars covering “Tips on Working at Home […]

Leading People Remotely During Covid-19

We’ve all been taken by surprise by the speed of events due to the corona virus. Most people are working from home and for leaders and managers this means a shift in style and approach. Here are some pointers for leading people remotely during Covid-19. The skills are the same leadership skills you use every day […]

Being Productive During Covid-19

Being productive working from home is not easy in these times of uncertainty. With additional family responsibilities for many the usual tips for Working from Home don’t really apply. If your approach is not working it may be time to try something new. So here are some tips to help you be productive working from […]

Local Enterprise Week 2020 presented a workshop called Streamline Your Business for Profit as part of the Local Enterprise Week 2020. It was a hugely successful week in Fingal LEO  for Local Enterprise Week in March 2020, with over 1,000 business owners/managers and aspiring entrepreneurs flocking to attend business seminars, enterprise awards, workshops, business clinics, networking and pitching events […]

Productivity and Corporate Wellness

Most employees want to be productive. If people can’t get their work done they can feel stressed.  This causes them to worry. Despite working hard many employees often feel they are not “on top of things”. There is plenty of research to show that “happy” employees are  more productive (1). But the opposite is also […]

Wellness at Work Breakfast on Feb 27th

Start your day with a difference by attending our Wellness at Work Breakfast on Feb 27th. Network over a healthy breakfast in the picturesque Malahide Rugby Club while picking up tips on how to improve your wellness at work. A collaboration between two local businesses, Health By Orla and, this is the first in a series of […]