Productivity and Corporate Wellness

Productivity and Corporate Wellness Most employees want to be productive. If people can’t get their work done they can feel stressed.  This causes them to worry. And dspite working hard many employees often feel they are not “on top of things”. There is plenty of research to show that “happy” employees are  more productive (1). […]

Wellness at Work Breakfast on Feb 27th

Start your day with a difference by attending our Wellness at Work Breakfast on Feb 27th. Network over a healthy breakfast in the picturesque Malahide Rugby Club while picking up tips on how to improve your wellness at work. A collaboration between two local businesses, Health By Orla and, this is the first in a series of […]

De Clutter Your Phone & De Stress Your Life

De Clutter Your Phone & De Stress Your Life Smart phones are super productive tools that help us manage our business and personal lives. They give us freedom and flexibility and control as we can access important information anytime and anywhere. Yet increasingly people feel like their smartphone is taking over their lives. How can […]

Finding Space To Think

Finding Space To Think In today’s fast-paced world companies need new products, services and innovations to stay competitive. Many employees are expected to be creative and to continuously develop better solutions for their customers. This is hard because employees are busy keeping up with day-to-day work. Even if employees want to do some creative thinking it […]

Wellbeing Webinars

A Productivity Wellbeing Webinar can help your employees be productive while working from home during the Covid-19 restrictions. Our Productivity Wellbeing seminars can be delivered as a webinar or interactive Q & A session. Duration of 30 mins, 45 mins or 60 mins available. Here is a list of our seminar topics. We have updated our […]

Attention Management is the new Time Management

Attention Management is the New Time Management Most people I know in business have very good Time Management skills. They set out their goals, they prioritise their work and they make a daily task list to get things done. In days gone by that was enough.  Forward planning meant that work could be scheduled into […]