Be Productive on Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019

Workplace Wellbeing Day

Be Productive on Workplace Wellbeing Day 2019. Include a Productivity & Time Management Seminar in your event on April 12th for a different take on Stress Reduction and Mental Health.

Our 1-hour Productivity seminars can be delivered as a Breakfast Briefing, a Lunchtime Learn session or part of your bigger Workplace Wellness initiative.

We offer a range of seminar topics as listed below:

  • Top Tips to Be Productive & Manage Time
  • Reduce Stress by Boosting Your Productivity & Time Management
  • Reduce Stress by Taking Control of Your Schedule
  • Top Tips for Email Management
  • Top Tips for Meetings Management
  • Be Productive by Finding Time to Think
  • Be Productive by Managing Your Distractions
  • The Senior Managers Role in Enabling Productivity
  • How Being Productive can Increase Workplace Wellness

The topic can also be customised to suit the theme of your Workplace Wellness Day.

Contact Moira to book your event while slots are still available. is a productivity consultancy based in Dublin. We deliver a range of Seminars and Training Courses on the topics of productivity and workplace wellness.

We help individuals boost their productivity so that they can:

  • Feel less stressed at the end of the day
  • Get more done
  • Be happy about their contribution

We help organisations foster productivity so that employees can:

  • Work in a happier environment
  • Deliver what’s required
  • Feel more engaged

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